Brendon & Lilian – A Wedding Proposal

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Brendon & Lilian – A Wedding Proposal

When Brendon secretly contacted me for a wedding proposal filming, we have only about 3 weeks to work on the things we want to do. That was surely a challenge for us as he hasn’t really found a location yet and we were also quite tied up with works too. But we know, mother’s day is the best timing for Brendon to do the proposal as they have a great family whom they would like to share their joy with.

Out of both Brendon and my busy schedule, we managed to squeeze out some times for meetings, planning as well as filming. Brendon had many fun idea for his proposal and is a man who is easy to work with. He trusted my knowledge and experience, allowing me to work around his idea and do something that he is not familiar with. I love the final video which truly reflect his charisma in life.

On the actual proposal day, everyone was so nervous as there is only one take, no re-act. Especially for Brendon, he needed Lilian to say Yes! haha… The proposal was a successful surprise and seeing Lilian gotten surprised, laughing, tearing in joy and finally saying yes with a blissful smile, we know, all the hard works pay off. Moment like this, is what keep us in doing filming, based around joy and happiness.

Well, that is a bit too long for me to say, let’s sit back, relax and enjoy this lovely video! Thanks~ ^_^


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