Brendon & Lilian Wedding Highlight

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Brendon & Lilian Wedding Highlight

I remembered the first met up with Brendon & Lilian in our studio, they are a lovely pair who is very friendly and we have a great chatting session not only about our videography service, but also on each other’s life. This was also the first time I met someone who can appreciate our wedding video in pointing out the mood and the up and down of the video which he liked a lot. I am truly grateful with that.

Brendon running a ID firm call Bren’terior and Lilian is air-stewardess who constantly on a flight. They are both very busy and we had lost contact since the first meeting. Several months later, they contacted me back again and I was very glad to hear from them~ We had yet another great session chatting about our recent life and they also made confirmation on our services. This marks the many more meetings throughout this period till their wedding date.

Since then, we had worked on a proposal video with Brendon (catch back the video here –>, an intro for first march in, a hilarious thank you speech of Brendon, a childhood montage and a beautiful outdoor dance session by Lilian. Our bond got stronger and we can only get more excited with their upcoming wedding!

Their wedding date is nonetheless one of the epic one with awesome deco, not only during banquet but also their car and most importantly, the “Deco” on groomsmen during the gatecrash! We just couldn’t stop laughing seeing them dressing up and act sexy~ Brendon and Lilian also surprises their guests with a singing performance, which they had spent nights to practice, to signify the different stage of their life during their childhood montage session~ What a wonderful performance by them~ (catch back the video here –>

There are so much things that I can say about Brendon and Lilian but I bet I should end here for you to enjoy their videos. Thank you Brendon and Lilian for having us on your big day and congratulation on becoming husband and wife~ I am sure we will have more collaboration in the future! Lastly, wish you two 百年好合,早生贵子~ ^_^

Videography by Chee Kin and Andrew
Directed and Edited by Chee Kin and Kah Chun

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