Dave & Dairu Wedding

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Dave & Dairu Wedding

” Dave, lower down your body a bit~ You blocked other people at your back already~” I guess that is the most words I heard during Dave & Dairu’s wedding! Hahaha…

Dave is a very tall guy, the tallest among all the friends and relatives I think. Wherever he go, he will definitely be the most eye catching one. He is also a very humorous guy, never fail to make people laugh. Although some times it can be quite irritating to Dairu, when people trying to get serious, but that is definitely the best spice in life for Dave and Dairu’s marriage life.

Dairu is a lovely girl who loves Hello Kitty very much. The pre-wedding photo shoot she done, the balloon, the ang pow, the brothers’ and sisters’ T shirt, you will see Hello Kitty everywhere~ I bet any Hello Kitty fan will be crazy for it too!

Dave and Dairu, thanks for engaging us in your big day. Congratulation on becoming husband and wife~ We wish you a blissful marriage ahead! ^_^

Videography by Chee Kin and Andrew
Directed and Edited by Chee Kin and Kah Chun
Photography by Fay Hong from Fay Image (facebook.com/FayImage)

For a sneak peek to the photo taken, do check out below :

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