DongHong & YiTong Wedding Lunch

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DongHong & YiTong Wedding Lunch

When I told my friend that I couldn’t meet him for dinner on a particular night, he asked if I was going to meet Dong Hong for dinner. I was in shocked and thought that he hacked into my PC and got all the info! Turns out Dong Hong is his uni mate and that really gotten me excited as I was sure Dong Hong and I will have a lot of topics to chat about~ haha…

DongHong & YiTong are a pair of lovely couple, who trusted me for most of my advices. From schedule, games, planning to the performances, they really put in a lot of effort to make this a most memorable moment. They are also the most hardworking couple, took my advice and went to learn Ukulele for the duet performance during their banquet! It was a fantastic one and the crowd kept shouting “encore”~ Words cannot describe how touched and thankful I am for their open heart to embrace the challenge and making it an awesome moment!

Congratulation to DongHong & YiTong on becoming husband and wife! Wishing you a blissful marriage ahead! ^_^

Videography by Chee Kin and Andrew
Directed and Edited by Chee Kin and Kah Chun
Photography by Eirik from

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