Jarome & XiaoHui Wedding Proposal Highlight

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Jarome & XiaoHui Wedding Proposal Highlight

When Jarome approached us for to film his wedding proposal, he had a big plan in mind, a plan that he was very uncertain whether it can works. He wanted to make this wedding proposal a really memorable one and wish to have as many friends and families to be involved. On top of that, the venue might pose a challenge with many travellers wondering around that area. Throughout the planning stage, he was very worried about every single part of the process, the dance, the “cheat her girlfriend photo shoot”, the venue and even “what if I got rejected”!

However, we had seen him putting every single effort, in making this proposal works. He secretly approached Xiao Hui’s families for help, source for suitable locations, coordinated his friends to dance together, and more that we lost counted for. Most importantly, his strong determination wanting to spend the rest of his life with Xiao Hui. We knew, it will be a wedding proposal that is one out of a million, irreplaceable.

Fast forward to D.day, it was a fantastic dance by Jarome and his friends~ One would be amazed by how much they can do with only weeks of preparation! On top of that, the heartwarming speech by Jarome is definitely the tearjerking moments! How lovely~ ^_^

Jarome, thanks for trusting us to cover your wedding proposal and congratulation on your great success in making Xiao Hui to say YES! There shall be more to come and we can’t wait to work with you again soon~ YEAH~

With love,
LMP Production, The Storyteller.

Story told by Chee Kin, Andrew and Kah Chun

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