Jayden & Fiona Wedding Highlight

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Jayden & Fiona Wedding Highlight

Gone were the days that bride will do all the wedding preparations and groom sitting back, relax, making some decisions and that’s it. For Jayden, he is a man with details, actively involved in the planning with Fiona. Not only that, we even received a rundown with all photos of important person involved! That is really the first for us~ On top of that, it was surprise to hear that Jayden slept at 1am and Fiona slept at 10pm the day before, Jayden seemed to be more gam jiong for their wedding! hahaha…

Having the precious daughter getting married, it is always a happy yet sentimental occasion for bride’s family. Fiona’s family is no exception. We saw them happily waking up in the morning to help Fiona for the big day. We also witnessed their tears of joy rolling down on their face during Fiona’s heartwarming speech. It was a very heartwarming scene to see their strong bond among the family.

Jayden and Fiona, your vow to each other, is a beautiful one. We have no doubt that you two will live a blissful marriage life together. Congratulation on becoming husband and wife and we wish you 早生贵子哦~ ^_^

With love,
LMP Production, The Storyteller.

Story told by Magdalene, Chee Kin and Kah Chun

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