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Josh & Jean Wedding

ime flies, it is almost come to the year end and the joy of festivals celebration is everywhere.To Josh and Jean, today is not the usual boxing day they used to celebrate. Today, is the important day that they finally tying the knot and pronounced husband and wife in front of their beloved families and friends!

Both Josh and Jean have a lovely family. Very rare that couple’s parents will catch my attention that much but they did! Josh’s parents came for the rehearsal, cracking a joke or two with the crowds and giving suggestion to make sure their kid has the perfect wedding ever, while Jean’s parents chatted with me about housing and TV in the morning session! Such a nice and friendly parents to live with!

Instead of a huge and crowded banquet session, Josh and Jean opt for a cozy little dinner in Fullerton Bay with close families. We have the honour to get up close with them when they watching the same day edit video. I would say it was a fantastic experience. Hearing the laughter, watching one’s mix emotion, getting the compliment from the crowd, this was the greatest satisfaction we ever experienced! It is really heartwarming to end our last wedding filming this year with such a wonderful wedding!

Thank you Josh and Jean for trusting us to your special day! Congratulation and we wish you a blissful marriage ahead! ^_^

P.S. It is my first time to start the filming session with a cup of great coffee from the bride and end the morning filming session with another great coffee from barista in the wedding! I just felt wonderful~ Thanks Josh and Jean for the great experience!

Videography by Chee Kin, Andrew and Kah Chun
Directed and Edited by Chee Kin and Kah Chun
Photography by Fay Hong from Fay Image (

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