Melvyn & Yannis Wedding Lunch

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Melvyn & Yannis Wedding Lunch

There are many things I love in this wedding, the interaction among the friends and family, the spiral layout seating during solemnisation, the music that the bride pick for her wedding highlight, the steadiness of the groom during gatecrash, and of course, the 38ness of the bride! lol

Melvyn and Yannis did ask for my advice on the vow whereby Melvyn thought it could be a template from internet but Yannis wanted to say something funny. My advice to the couple, is always to express your feeling and your thought, in your own way. I must say Yannis did this fantastically and it is truly ”HER” vow! Everybody just laughing and clapping and some even nodding their head with a “that is Yannis” look! We enjoyed a lot of that too! wahaha…

Melvyn and Yannis, I see that there are a lot of your “fans” who send you their utmost blessing and I am sure you will have a marriage life like what the JP said, happily ever after! Thank you for having us on your big day~ Congratulation on becoming husband and wife and we wish you a blissful marriage ahead! ^_^

Videography by Chee Kin and Andrew
Directed and Edited by Chee Kin and Kah Chun
Photography by Nicholas Leong Photography (

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