Patrick & Doreen Lunch Wedding

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Patrick & Doreen Lunch Wedding

Time flies, it was not long ago when we filmed Lilian’s wedding with Doreen being the bridesmaid. Now, it is Doreen’s turn! Doreen was referred by Lilian to engage our videography service and I would say we were lucky to have yet another lovely couple who is equally friendly and nice to talk with~ I think Lilian is not only a good matchmaker for Doreen and Patrick but also for us and them! ^_^

It was raining heavily in the midnight but as I always said, couple always has the best of luck and it stopped before we went to Doreen’s house for filming. The day started with a quiet morning and MRT train passing by occasionally. Not long after bridesmaid reaching one by one, the house quickly turned into a crowded market with laughter and chit chat! The bridesmaids are very excited and enthusiastic to try out the game while posing to provide us many interesting footages~ Such a hilarious bunch of sisters~

Patrick and Doreen, congratulation on becoming husband and wife~ We wish you an everlasting love and blissful marriage ahead! ^_^

P.S. Thanks for the delicious lunch! It really filled up fully our tummy and giving us full energy for the second session of the filming~:)

Videography by Chee Kin and Andrew
Directed and Edited by Chee Kin and Kah Chun

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