Shaun & Wen Xiang Wedding Highlight

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Shaun & Wen Xiang Wedding Highlight

Shaun and Wen Xiang have a simple wedding ceremony in the morning. Initially we didn’t offer any same day edit service as they doesn’t have gatecrash in the morning thus resulting in very limited footages for aSDE video. We are very glad that they trust our professional opinion and totally fine with no SDE video. Because of this, our epic stop motion video was born –>

Since we initially didn’t promise SDE, that is where they interested in working with us to come up with the awesome stop motion childhood montage. With such a trust from them, we decided to try out a same day edit with them on the actual day subsequently. The video turned out not bad but still missing enough moments to make the video a meaningful one. Thus, after working through all the final videos, we finally come up with this final wedding highlight video which we think it is a much better video that filled up with natural and meaningful moments. That may marks our last try on SDE for a wedding without gatecrash, hahaha….

Shaun and Wen Xiang, really appreciate your trust and patience with us in coming up with there two videos. Thank you so much and we hope you enjoy the videos as much as we do~ Once again, congratulation on becoming husband and wife and we wish you a ever blissful marriage life ahead! ^_^

Videography by Andrew, Magdalene and Valerie
Directed and Edited by Andrew and Kah Chun

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