Wei Beng & Venus Cinematic Love Story

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Wei Beng & Venus Cinematic Love Story

Who says a love story on a couple ought to be a romantic one? Wei Beng and Venus are definitely taking it into out of the norm, which, hhmmm.. often the case it might be an actual reality, a hilarious and entertaining one~

When I first met Wei Beng & Venus, they already had some hilarious idea about their own love story, to the fact that they are very entertaining couple. So instead of having a romantic one, their ultimate aim is to make everyone on the floor burst into huge laughter! And they did!

it is quite a big challenge for me and I really appreciate the opportunity to create something different from my past projects. Ultimate thanks to Wei Beng and Venus, we didn’t fail the show! haha… Lastly, congratulation to you two on becoming husband and wife, 祝你們白頭偕老,早生貴子! ^_^

~Chee Kin

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