William & YokeThow Cinematic Love Story

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William & YokeThow Cinematic Love Story

Some relationship starts with a red hot love at first sight, passionately in love. Well, that is not the case for William and Yoke Thow. They knew each other for long, with limited interaction, before they have an eye on each other. They understand each other bits by bits, step by step, and the feeling of love grew. It may not be as exciting as some Korea Love Drama, but that relationship that developed through times, is indestructible.

This time round, we bring them through their memories lane, voicing out their inner thought with interview and ultimately, appreciating their life journey coming together. We hope that this video will last for not only this moment, but many many years later, 10years, 20 years, or 90 years? and that smile on your face when you looking back this video, is the greatest gift to our efforts.

William and Yoke Thow, congratulation on becoming husband and wife and we wish you a blissful marriage ahead! Don’t stop being awesome together! Now let’s sit back and enjoy the video again~

With love,
LMP Production, The Storyteller.

Story told by Andrew, Chee Kin, Magdalene, Valerie and Ignatius

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