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About us

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
The origin of storytelling could be dated back as early as the beginning of human race. Be it in the form of a rock art, an artefact or word of mouth passing over generations, it shapes our understanding of human history. Today the medium of storytelling has evolved to incredibly stunning appearance. From the traditional tools of newspapers, story books, or radio broadcast, to the modern approach of TV program, internet blog or social media, and even to the soon-to-be popular technique of future such as hologram or virtual reality, we are spoilt with unlimited of choices. Interestingly, photo and video are nonetheless two of the most important elements in vast majority of these mediums.
In LMP Production, we embrace the value of storytelling in our production of photo and video. From a product, a corporate message, to a wedding of couple, we carefully craft their story in a genuine and eye-catching style. Sharing great stories become our utmost priority mission. Ultimately, we wish to inspire people surrounding us sharing great stories to spread their love and hope in creating a better world.
LMP Production

Lee Chee Kin

The Storyteller | Co-Founder

Graduated with an Engineering Degree from National University of Singapore, does not stop him from diving deep into creative industry. In fact, he is gifted with an artist’s eyes despite of the nerdy thinking that perceived as an engineer graduate. Thus, he co-founded LMP Production along with a few talented partners.


One would be amazed by the impressive works that he produced. As a well-rounded creative talent, he is able to take up the role of a producer, a director, a camera shooter, a lighting gaffer, a sound director, a video editor or even a graphic animator. He had produced countless corporate videos for many big firms such as IBM, DBS, Deloitte, Paypal, Sony, JLL, Cisco, Accenture and etc, never failed to impress. Ultimately, he hope to share great stories, to inspire everyone in life!

Our Clients

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